Additional Solutions

Turning complex ideas into custom designed solutions

System Integration and process automation for the financial industry


Raptor’s Proprietary Gateways and HUBS were created by utilizing custom layouts with built-in editors for changing logic revolving around routing, messaging, transformations, and other factors.
Pairing our existing Global network and HUBS allows for the most complex scenarios to be broken down into effortless new workflows.



    ALGO Package

    Raptor offers a proven ALGO package configuration setup which contains all the necessary tools to handle standardized message flow, along with the ability to custom tailor options in order to handle the most complex situations.

    Whether trading single stocks, portfolios, baskets, or PAIRS, through Raptor these all become routine by utilizing our expansive engine that is designed to efficiently digest and route flow with little to no latency.
    To take it one step further, we have created our own liquidity signals which can be modified to create a unique ALGO suite, customized to individual clients in order to present differentiation.

      SOR & TCA Package

      Raptor’s cutting-edge technology gives our trading clients enormous flexibility to customize SOR strategies and/or TCA variables in order to fit their needs. When cost of execution is a concern, Raptor’s SOR will scan each exchange, evaluate their fee schedules and provide the user with options in order to optimize their selection.

      The SOR module communicates with the TCA server allowing custom inputs and models which are broken down by various components in order to construct elaborate pre-trade analysis. The data provided can be recorded along with the order transactions and coupled with proprietary logic to drive deeper post-trade analysis.