Wealth Management Solutions

Automation for Wealth Management firms. Integrate workflow layers between data analysis, order execution, and post trade tasks.

Integrate FIX and Non-FIX Applications. Intelligent reporting and drop-copy process automation.

DATA Integration and Management

Raptor’s Wealth Management solution connects to most ROBO Systems, seamlessly integrating your data using FIX drop copies, files, or API’s. The service logically normalizes messages and provides the ability to feed multiple destinations while allowing for direct inquiries from clients, Compliance, and other internal and external parties.

Our robust technology provides clients the ability to continue using their proprietary systems with all related functionality, while integrating with Raptor’s Wealth Gateway.
Our Wealth Gateway will also allow users access to a variety of brokers, clearing providers, and custodians. Teaming Raptor’s innovative solutions with proprietary platforms equips firms with full end-to-end automation.



    WM HUB

    Raptor’s Wealth Management HUB is fueled by our vast network of Wealth Managers, Brokers, Asset Managers and Vendors. The multi-asset HUB is designed to route Orders, Allocations, Custom files, and other messages.

    The HUB is built according to the specifications needed to accept and format messages using several different protocols. The service can be inserted into any part of a client’s message flow where multiple pre-trade, trade and post-trade workflow points are incompatible.

      WM APIs

      Our APIs allow clients to connect their own proprietary and non-proprietary platforms with their trading partners, using fully compliant protocols such as WebSocket, FIX, FTP and JMS.
      Raptor’s progressive protocols allow our clients to connect with, as well as send and receive formats such as JSON, FIX, or text formats.