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Advanced order routing solutions and trading platform.


OMS/EMS for Multi-Asset Global Program and Single Stock Trading

OMEX OMS/EMS has been designed for optimized and efficient workflow throughout the trading lifecycle.
Complete with functionality to fully support Algo trading, PAIRS trading, Basket trades, actionable IOIs from brokers, and Charting to name a few.
With a native integration to RNET, Raptor can access all global liquidity centers, executing brokers to find liquidity.

    FIX HUB (BuySide)

    The Raptor Trading FIX HUB is used by clients to route orders to over 400 brokers globally. This includes sponsor DMA to several exchanges (B3, Market access, TSX, LSE…). The platform has been designed with the flexibility to create custom solutions using our proprietary Raptor Scripting Language (RSL) to handle multiple asset classes and to easily take on the most complex routing scenarios. Leveraging a single connection into any of Raptor’s Gateways gains you access to any public and private execution venues, crossing networks, dark pools, and other trading systems.

    Communicating via FIX is no longer a requirement when using the Raptor HUB. Our fully supported services include API, Web Socket, and other protocols.

      PROP HUB (FIX / API)

      Raptor’s PROP HUB is the ideal solution for translating unique message formats when your clients cannot use FIX. Our offering allows for full electronic communication regardless of the format being utilized.

      Custom Routing methods allow for the management of messages, mapping of related transactions, applying routing instructions, and translating message formats.

      Pass-thru Routing methods allow for routing to the pre-defined session with the option to apply message translations.

      Drop-copy Routing methods send translated messages to defined sessions in the proper formatting sequence.


        Tapping into our vast analytics and integrating with our order and execution management capabilities allows our clients to improve their trade execution performance and increase trader productivity.

        Following the data empowers users to locate and present hidden trends, as well as identify market indicators to advise traders and assist during the course of decision-making.
        In our ever-changing market environment, the growing use of data and technology has become crucial to the trading decision-making process. Raptor’s Analytical tools are built with the flexibility to meet your firm's needs today and going forward.