Raptor in the News

Raptor Trading Systems welcomes Blue Ocean ATS to the Raptor Global Execution Network

New York, NY, December 19, 2021 — Blue Ocean Technologies (BOT), a unique capital markets fintech leader in global afterhours trading, announced today new connectivity and data partners, along with new broker-dealer subscribers. Blue Ocean ATS, also known as BOATS announced it is partnering with ACTIV Financial Systems as a data provider […]

Raptor’s OMEX Trading Platform is part of a select group to certify with DTCC CTM

Raptor is happy to announce that its OMEX product is fully certified with the latest CTM.  Raptor already started deploying the OMEX/CTM interface to a select group of clients.  You can see the full release at: htps://www.dtcc.com/news/2020/december/09/20-technology-providers-agree-to-certify-their-ctm-interfaces

Raptor rolls out latest version of Routing Wheel

August 2019, Raptor is excited to announce the release of version 2.0 of its Routing Wheel to the Trading Hub platform. This release will enhance an already robust tool, giving firms more control over where and how order flow is distributed.