Raptor Trading Systems welcomes Blue Ocean ATS to the Raptor Global Execution Network

New York, NY, December 19, 2021 — Blue Ocean Technologies (BOT), a unique capital markets fintech leader in global afterhours trading, announced today new connectivity and data partners, along with new broker-dealer subscribers. Blue Ocean ATS, also known as BOATS announced it is partnering with ACTIV Financial Systems as a data provider and with Raptor Trading Systems as a trading provider. Also, BOATS welcomed new subscriber Lek Securities, continuing to grow its reach and providing broader access of its afterhours trading.

ACTIV Financial Systems will incorporate and display Blue Ocean ATS data feed content via its ActivFeed and its broad language support through the ACTIV API. The data will be implemented across ACTIV’s global backbone, over the public Internet, and through ACTIV’s AWS based ticker plant for regional and local access. Raptor Trading Systems, Inc., a leading global provider of trading technology with access to over 200 brokers and buyside networks, is now connected to Blue Ocean ATS. BOATS is now a part of Raptor’s Industry Leading Technologies and Global Trading Network, providing access 24 hours a day.

Matthew Horisk, Chief Technology Officer, Blue Ocean Technologies and Blue Ocean ATS, commented, “Blue Ocean ATS is thrilled to expand our data and trading connectivity while continuing to enhance our subscriber network. We are delighted to become a destination on Instinet, Lek Securities and Raptor Trading Network. Our global clients will benefit significantly from the enhanced connectivity and seamless routing capabilities from these leading providers,” he added.

Options Technology, parent company of ACTIV Financial, President and CEO, Danny Moore, commented, “Options has provided 24×7 support for data and trading participants since its inception back in 1993. With the newer digital asset classes trending towards a 24-hour marketplace, we are well equipped to support the community as they adopt strategies to take advantage of the strategic direction of Blue Ocean ATS.”

Managing Director of Blue Ocean Trading at Lek Securities, Gerry O’Donnell, commented, “Connecting to this liquidity and price discovery brings our clients unique value in a crowded US equity execution space. Operational costs to provide client access to Blue Ocean ATS during these US night hours has been eclipsed by the opportunity cost.  There is just too much global news and information in the US night to be ignored. These eight hours are wide open. Our firm is in position and ready as this inevitably grows,” he added.

Raptor Trading Systems, CEO, Teddy Lardos, commented “Raptor is pleased to announce our new relationship with Blue Ocean ATS, the industry leader for overnight US NMS stock trading. We are confident that this union will serve as a catapult for investor access to after hour liquidity. We look forward to being part of this endeavor and welcome BOATS to the Raptor Community.”

About Blue Ocean Technologies:

Blue Ocean Technologies, LLC (BOT) is a unique capital markets fintech company empowering global investors by making trading possible during US overnight trading hours. Blue Ocean Technologies’ US broker dealer subsidiary, Blue Ocean ATS, LLC, and its trading system Blue Ocean Alternative Trading System (BOATS), currently trade US National Market System (NMS) stocks from 8:00 pm to 4:00 am ET from Sunday – Thursday.

Founded in 2019, Blue Ocean ATS is on a mission to transform US trading to Global trading via its flagship service, Blue Ocean Session, providing access and transparency to subscribers in all time zones during non-traditional US market hours. Learn more about how to connect to: sales@blueoceanats.

For additional information, please visit our website: www.blueocean-tech.io and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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